First & Last

by Noises Beyond



Noises Beyond is a side-project of Didascalis.
A brief introduction to follow...

FIRST & LAST would consider it an album and a single project.

Although the matrix composition is always mine, all started during the attendance of a person who has contributed significantly to many aspects, the sonic / musical 's choices, the arrangements for most of the songs during the composition but also inspirational in the remaining minority.

Once over the "attending" the project (with two tracks incomplete) has been lying on a hard drive ... too many memories and emotions tied to it, too emotionally and musically involved.

A couple of events together with a fair amount of time, they made me change my mind, listen to it all led me to the conclusion that the time had come for it to be "liberated".
I finished the 2 tracks missing and brought it to my friend and editor Andrea Corelli's M.O.D.A. Music Fashion.

Although the mold base is pointing towards the deep-house, the tracks in FIRST & LAST are quite different in nature, aided by music and inspiration on bands that we heard during the composition / attendance.

Unfortunately or fortunately, I'm not specialized in a specific genre, composing almost by instinct and the important result is that eventually I hear my emotions.

FIRST & LAST gives me that feeling.
Mainly this is the first and last project of Noises Beyond.



released March 1, 2012

Concept by D. Marani / A. P.

Written By D. Marani except "Probably" written by D. Marani / A. Guerrini

Mute Trumpet solo on "Probably" by Andrea 'Andy G' Guerrini

Original release date: July 15, 2011



all rights reserved


Didascalis Italy

Didascalis is the chill-out project, behind which lurks Davide Marani.
Born in Cesena August 10, 1973, graduated in oboe at the Conservatory of Cesena 'B. Maderna ', keyboardist, bass player, singer, composer, arranger and studio musician.
The project was born by chance, earlier "live" during his evenings as a piano-man and lately developed in studio.
Albums and e.p. are copyrighted by AltaModa
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Track Name: Probably
There will not be another night
As the time goes by
We loose ourselves over this sight
Holding each others
And smelling the autumn leaves perfume
For another
Long minute let's walk across the street

You're feeling something strong inside
Just like me
Constantly growing getting high
Sharing this moment
It's something that we could both abuse
For another
Long minute don't stop holding my arm

Two souls, one night
Noises Beyond
Silence, a hundred lights
Two souls, one night
Track Name: Lost Call
I'm missing your heartbeat...
I'm missing everything that belongs to you
My life is so empty...
I gotta find a way to get all things trough!

My hand's on the phone...
I need to call you, hear your voice...
Hanging on the telephone signal,
But there's no answer at all

What I see on the screen is a lost call...
Was it you or was it just a mistake?
What a shame all I have is a lost call...
I miss you as long as you're missing me...
Track Name: Trippin'
This song has been resting way too long
But now it's time to set it free
What I want to say now, I don't know where to start
There are so many things tearin' me apart

Maybe it's just another tune
Talking 'bout something went wrong
Every time it plays will hurt so bad

Sometimes I remember the day we met
The burning skin, a magic touch
Then you turn everything into a fucking lie
In a blink of an eye you let me down

Maybe it's just another tune
Talking 'bout something went wrong
Every time it plays I'm trippin' back
Through the maze of memories
When I hope it had worked it out
This my mere revenge, this is my song